Christ Church

Imagine being able to visit any time or place you liked: where (and when, more importantly) would you choose? It’s the sort of question we’re mulling over this week in our ‘Time Detectives’ theme, a topic that sends us across the breadth of history from years long gone to the bowels of a far-off future.

We’ll need a time machine to make the trip, however. Accordingly, Monday sees us working as a team to cobble one together. Afterward, the children will be testing their powers of deduction by figuring out when the contents of a mysterious box are from.

There are activities pulled from the opposite ends of history to cap off our week: one has us practicing cuneiform and the first kind of writing, whilst the other sees children dreaming up their own sci-fi gadget. We’re excited to see what they invent.


What would make the perfect dream? We’re diving into Roald Dahl’s The BFG – and our imaginations – to find out. A timeless story about one little girl’s adventure with a larger-than-life friend, it’s a story that still holds magic and delight for children years after it was released.

Our journey begins by becoming giants ourselves. With a session spent making suitably enormous ears and everything else a self-respecting BFG might want, it’ll be fun to step into the giants’ shoes and see what life’s like when you’re twenty foot tall! We’ll also be tapping into the world of nod by creating dream jars that hold our hopes and wishes for safekeeping.

And as for snack? Frobscottle!

The Grove

It may sound like an odd thing to ask, but how do different colours make you feel? What colour are you feeling today? With questions such as these, you can probably guess our theme for the week.

Colours can do a great deal to affect our mood, so we’ll be cheering everyone up come rain or shine with some very artsy activities! Monday kicks things off with a mural including everything from handprints to flicking paint, bookended by a session of blow-pen art and science with Skittles. If you just add water… well, you’ll see come Tuesday!