Christ Church

“The leg bone’s connected to the knee bone…”

That tune’s probably going to be stuck in your head after this week; our theme is the marvellous human body and everything inside it! Do you know how many bones we have in total, for example?

Our second question is tied up in something everyone takes for granted; how do lungs work? We’re on the hunt for answers by creating a model replica this Wednesday.

Of course, a theme like this wouldn’t be complete without a session delving into the subject of where your food goes. Eww, disgusting! Do you dare find out on Friday?

Image created by Freepik.


The world around us is an amazing but often dangerous place, and the many forces of nature guarantee that you should watch your step! This is especially true on Monday; can we make a junk building that withstands the chaos of an earthquake? We’ll ask a similar question on Thursday when the children pit handmade paper boats against a tsunami.

Forest fires are equally destructive of course, but we won’t be focusing on the tragedy of them this week. We’re making something beautiful out of the flames instead with charcoal drawings beneath a tissue paper collage. Make sure you come in and have a look this Tuesday!

Have a great week.

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The Grove

It’s a good thing that everyone’s so fabulous here at the Grove; not only are we enjoying a couple of treat days due to our good behaviour, we’re also cracking on with super science for the rest of the week! Are you up to the test?

The children are making goopy slime this Wednesday, for instance. Easy to create and lots of fun too, it’s always a popular session. What colour will theirs be?

As for the beginning of the week, the children can look forward to a picnic with paddling and bubbles this Monday. That’s followed by a disco, party food, and games the next day. We can’t wait.

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