Christ Church

Star Wars

Did you know Star Wars was partially inspired by a wish for the audience to become interested in space exploration? It certainly worked: the sci-fi giant has been firing up imaginations since 1977, and it’s now a household name known the world over. As such, we wanted to celebrate it as this week’s theme.

Besides creating our own character for a galaxy far, far away, we’ll also be snooping around the Death Star in a treasure hunt, turning the FUNdays Club room into a space station and running round-robin activities inspired by the movies. Can you make your own Stormtrooper outfit in 10 minutes?

May the Force be with you!


The Stone Age

Were humans alive at the time of the dinosaurs? How did our ancestors find food and water? These are the questions we’ll be exploring this week in a theme that takes us back thousands of years… to the Stone Age!

Kicking off with the creation of our own cave paintings, we’ll be comparing Stone Age drawings to more modern versions and seeing how art has changed over time. We’ll also be getting busy with a drama session set in that era, looking at flint arrow heads and creating a foam spear that we’ll all practice throwing! How’s your throwing arm…?

The Grove

Star Wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Those words kicked off a phenomenon that’s endured for decades: it’s hard to believe that Star Wars is over 30 years old! Having ignited the imagination of children and adults around the globe, these hit films have more than earned their popularity.

Because everyone enjoys daydreaming about becoming hero or exploring the cosmos, the sci-fi series will be our theme for this week.

We begin by making one of the most iconic movie props of all time: the lightsaber. Put together from humble tubes, beads and foil, it’s a chance to imagine what our own version would look like if we were a Jedi Knight. We’ll also be creating a spaceship to travel the universe.

May the Force be with you!