Christ Church

How long have humans been kicking around the Earth? Quite some time, if modern science is to be believed. Some things never change, though: we were cobbling together basic tools as early as 3.4 million years ago. Known as the Stone Age, we’ll be visiting that mysterious era for this week’s theme.

With cave paintings, Stone Age dens and games inspired by hunter-gatherers, this should be a lot of fun. Better still, it’s topped off with an old-school soup for snack.


‘The Force’ is a mystical power that binds everyone together in Star Wars: it’s also got the added bonus of giving you magic abilities (e.g. the chance to be a cool space wizard). What would you use it for if it was real, however?

We’re going to find out by creating and (safely) using our own lightsabers, the franchise’s tool of choice. We’ll be dreaming up our own planets, stories and ships as well, so buckle in for a very creative few days!

The Grove

The disappearance of the Maya is one of the greatest mysteries out there: where did this South American civilisation go, and why? We’re tumbling back in time to explore these amazing people for our theme, so maybe we’ll uncover some answers.

Stocked up with a collection of ball games and javelin challenges, temple building, headdress creation, Mayan hieroglyphics and more, it’s going to be a very imaginative few days. Are you ready?