Christ Church

What makes someone famous? The ability to push faster, higher and stronger – to quote the Olympic motto – would probably get you close. The last few years have given us many new sporting heroes, so our theme this week will be celebrating these amazing people and what they do!

With athletics and tag rugby peppering the week, we’ll also be making our own sporting Top Trump cards. Who will the children create? Themselves, their friends or their idols? Meanwhile, we’ll try and run a four-minute challenge before enjoying lots of games in the hall together. Enjoy!


We all know about the world’s most prominent sportspeople – the sort you see dominating headlines – but they aren’t the only ones who deserve our admiration. With this in mind, we’ll be spending the first day of our ‘Famous Sportspeople’ topic by being introduced to some of the lesser-known ones.

Along with this, we’ll be trying out a pretty unusual sport the next day – pancake racing! Who can make it past the obstacles and claim victory?

Besides a multi-skills showdown, we’ll also be hosting a game of tiddlywinks football later in the week. Have a good time, everyone!

The Grove

With a new team and a new term, we’re spending some time getting to know each other through icebreaker games. We’ll be taking this a bit literally, though: we’re building an ice-cube igloo on Thursday!

In the meantime, we’ll be making our own (adorable!) family of penguins from cardboard and getting busy with Antarctic-themed games. Have a great time!

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