Christ Church

Did you know that Russia is the biggest country in the world? It’s so large it includes 9 different time zones and has a population of around 146,330,004 people. We’re discovering a ton of facts like that for our Russian theme this week, so expect plenty of big brains come Friday.

As for our Enrichment sessions, Tuesday sees us getting busy with a very traditional Russian custom indeed – we’re making our own nesting dolls. When it comes to the rest of the week, we’re honouring Russia’s many chess tournament wins with a day of chess on Wednesday before making a Russian cityscape collage the day after. Where Friday and Monday are concerned, we’re bookending the week with a mega colouring session of everything Russian: Cossack dancers, St. Basil’s Cathedral… you name it!


Because it’s been a busy term so far, we’re letting the children take a break by giving them the power over what we do this week (cue mad cackling). They deserve a chance to let their hair down, so hopefully the next few days will provide an opportunity for them to recharge!

As a starting point, we’ll be making paper advent calendars to decorate the room. With December just around the corner, hopefully that’ll get us in a festive mood. In the meantime, I heard rumours about a Pokémon hunt… Can you catch them all?

The Grove

Is there life out there amongst the stars? What does a black hole look like? And why on earth do aliens love underpants?! We’ll be shooting off into space to found out this week, and if you want answers you’ll just have to join us!

On Monday we’re getting busy with dodgeball, but there’s a suitably cosmic twist here: we’re basing it on Space Invaders instead. In the meantime, Thursday sees the children create their very own rocket from giant cardboard boxes. We couldn’t have a space theme without making up an alien either… You can expect that on Tuesday!

It’s a good thing we’ve got vegetable satellites for snack this week. It seems as if we’ll need it!