Christ Church

Scientists rarely get given the attention allocated to famous sportspeople, musicians and actors: they often fade into the background instead. Considering the number of modern necessities they’re responsible for, this seems pretty odd. As such, we’re celebrating the best and brightest scientific minds this week from Sir Isaac Newton to the Wright brothers.

We begin with the popular egg/gravity challenge. Can the children make a case and parachute that’ll keep their gooey cargo safe? After that we’re creating electricity with circuits, putting together a new kind of telephone (based on Alexander Graham Bell) and seeing how far we can fly with paper planes.


What haven’t we discovered yet? Even though it may seem like we’ve found everything there is to uncover about our world, nothing could be further from the truth. With that in mind, the theme for this week celebrates those who make these quantum leaps possible – scientists.

Monday has us building spaceships from soap dispensers (!), an activity inspired by the brilliant minds of NASA. There couldn’t be a science topic without looking at the humble telephone, either. Can we pull an Alexander Graham Bell and make our own? Finally, the children will be creating a telescope to gaze at stars and investigating the effect of gravity on things around us.

The Grove

What do you think is the best sport? It’s the kind of question we’ll be asking this week thanks to a theme that looks at the strongest, fastest and boldest among us – sportspeople.

We’ll have to clear the way on Tuesday: we’re making our own crazy golf course using the likes of cardboard tubes and ping pong balls for a really tricky challenge. This is followed by a whole collection of races, naturally. Whether it’s an egg-and-spoon run, obstacle courses or 3-legged jogs, there will be plenty of opportunity for the children to show what they’re made of! And how could we have a topic like this without creating our own sporting Top Trumps? It’d be impossible.

Powered by a ‘super smoothie’ snack, this is shaping up to be a week well worth remembering.