It’s the start of a new term and things have changed somewhat at FUNdays Club: our teams were shuffled around a bit since you last saw us. Don’t worry, nothing’s gone wrong! This is to introduce new ideas and forge bonds that’ll ensure we continue offering the best service possible. There will be both familiar and different staff at each site this week, so please give newcomers a warm welcome.

With that in mind, the next few days are all about icebreakers – both figuratively and literally! We’ll be diving into our Antarctica theme at Christ Church and Fitzmaurice with a session building igloos, setting up Arctic camp and breaking toy animals out of ice!

As for The Grove, the children will be getting acquainted with Roald Dahl’s magical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They’ll be putting together a factory of their own before designing a brand-new chocolate bar. There’s plenty to look forward to.