Christ Church

Welcome back! How was your summer? We hope you had a fantastic time.

This term gets going with a few changes under its belt; as you’ll have noticed, we’ve shuffled over to some new classrooms. It’s exciting for FUNdays Club to have its own dedicated area, so this week’s about getting to know those spaces and the new faces that will be filling them soon!

With that in mind, icebreakers are order of the day. Things kick off with a week-long marathon of outdoor games. Each activity is decided by the children in order to help them settle in. Equally, they’ll be able to familiarise themselves with our stock of toys, games, and drawing material if they’d prefer. Kick back and relax, everyone.

Have a great week!


It’s great to see you! Welcome back to FUNdays Club. We hope everyone had a brilliant summer.

This week is all about you! Or the children, more specifically. We want to know what makes them… well, them. Each one is fantastic in their own way, so why not celebrate that? We’ll ease into the new term by creating ‘all about me’ bunting as a result. This activity breaks the ice and bigs up what makes them special in cheerfully colourful style.

On top of that, the children are very welcome to chill out during our extra Active Play session. Festooned with toys, magazines, books, drawing equipment, and games, there’s plenty to keep any age or interest busy.

Have a great week.

The Grove

Hey there! Welcome back to FUNdays Club. We’ve got our fingers crossed that everyone had an amazing summer.

This week’s about getting to know each other and chilling out as we ease into a new term at school. Things get going with a bit of drama on Tuesday; we hope the children are ready to have a giggle on stage. If that’s not their thing, no problem! Wednesday sees everyone getting down to team games. Meanwhile, Thursday lets us daydream about sunny holidays while we explore cultures from around the world.

Not feeling it? Those who fancy relaxing can always dive into our stock of toys, magazines, drawing material, and games. There’s loads to do!

Have a fab week.

Images by Freepik.