Christ Church

Doesn’t everyone feel better when the sun begins to shine? This is exactly the kind of mood India’s Festival of Colour, or ‘Holi’, draws upon: symbolising the beginning of spring, the triumph of good versus evil and friendship, it’s a time to forgive or mend old relationships. Featuring a hubbub of singing and dancing (not to mention lots of playing with colour), it’s a cheerful holiday that’s starting to be emulated across Europe. As such, we’ll be celebrating our own Festival of Colour this week!

Things get off to a good start with blow-pen patterns. These will let us create an amazing spider-web effect of all different shades. The children can also get involved in weaving and montages, so the Learning Lodge should be a very bright place to be over the next few days! Finally, Jo is telling us about her experiences in an equally colourful country abroad on Thursday.


With the sun out and flowers blooming, it feels fitting to be digging out lots of paint for our week celebrating India’s Festival of Colour. Also known as ‘Holi’, this is a carnival symbolising winter’s end and the renewal of old friendships. Because it’s starting to make its way into Europe, we’re getting involved with a smattering of equally bright and cheerful activities!

Monday kicks things off with a mural painting, whilst Tuesday sees children creating their own colourful slime. The latter’s more thoughtful than it seems, though: we’ll also be discussing what colour certain emotions would be. If their slime reflected their mood, how would it look?

The week then comes to a close with blow-painting before creating a Skittle rainbow. How? You’ll have to wait and see…

The Grove

If you could go anywhere in time (and visit any period of history, for that matter), where would you choose? It’s a question we’re exploring this week with our Time Detectives theme. Because of this, the children are taking a trip to the distant past before throwing themselves into the distant future.

Besides good old-fashioned historical games, the children will be getting involved in creating 3D dinosaurs out of clay. Triceratops, T-Rex, Pterosaurs and more – the choice of what to make is theirs. Additionally, they’ll be coming up with their own futuristic inventions. That’s to say nothing of the session they’ll spend messing about with a ‘time machine’ and also playing ‘This Is Your Life’! Who’s that baby? Can the children guess correctly?