Christ Church

We take so much for granted today thanks to our fantastic inventions: we’ve forgotten what it’s like to forage for food, build shelters or face the wilderness. Accordingly, we’re going back to basics this week thanks to a Bear Grylls theme.

With scavenger hunts and navigation challenges on the way, the children will learn to rely on their brains and wits in order to succeed. They’ll also be mastering the tricky skill of knot-tying, buoyed up by ‘survival sandwiches’ they’ll make in FUN Food Snack Creation. Good luck!


How’re you feeling today? That’s the question we’ll be asking this week as we dive into the depths of our own brain for an Inside Out theme.

It wouldn’t be right not to create one of the film’s ‘Memory Balls’; Tuesday sees us writing or drawing a special memory that’s then wrapped in appropriate colours. Whether you let others see what’s inside is up to you! We’ll also be getting busy with some improvisational drama to find out whether a character is happy or blue.

The Grove

Do you know what ‘Cześć’ means? It’s just one of the many things you’ll learn with us this week as we dive into a topic about Poland.

This fascinating country can be found in eastern European, and we’ll be taking our first steps into its culture by learning Polish words. We’ll also be making Polish Potato Cakes, so you may be impressed with your child’s newfound skills this Friday!