Christ Church


How healthy is your plate? We’re always told that we should eat better, but it can be hard to tell what this actually means. And what’s a ‘food group’, anyway? You’ll find out this week at FUNdays Club.

Tuesday’s session with Jo will transform us into mini farmers: we’re growing our own herbs to use in snacks later this term! We’ll also be taking a look at funny food sensory boxes (what’s inside, and dare you find out…?) before mastering our senses with a blindfolded tasting session. Enjoy!



How would you define ‘family’? Is there even a correct answer? This is a topic we’ll be digging into this week, and there are a bunch of heart-warming activities to help us along the way. We can’t wait!

Things are kicking off with a session putting together our own family tree. Who connects to where, and when? We’ll then be stepping into someone else’s shoes by making family-based finger puppets. Finally, the children will challenge each other to our own version of Family Fortunes and a relay race. On your marks… get set… GO!

The Grove


What makes a family? You’ll get very different answers depending on who you ask, so we’ll be exploring the subject this week while working out what that means. In fact, is there a right answer?

We’re off to a good start by creating family portraits of the children and their loved ones this Monday: the results should be really lovely to see, so do take a look. This is the followed by a session delving into our past with a family tree, not to mention taking on the role of different family members in some drama. Sounds like fun!