Christ Church

Get ready – we’re off to the misty mountains of your imagination in this week’s ‘Fairy Tale’ theme. You don’t need to pack anything for this trip, though: a good old daydream will do just fine.

Because this lets us play with a collection of the best-known heroes around, we’ll be stepping into their shoes and acting out our favourite fairy tale adventure on Monday. That can be anything from Little Red Riding Hood to Shrek, a movie where many classics come together.

Elsewhere we’ll be defending fortresses and making our own castles out of cardboard. We’ll also be dreaming up our own adventures this Wednesday with storyboards or comic books. They say everyone has a story in them: what’s yours?


Of all the places you could dream up, the world of fairy tales always seemed like it’d be one of the nicest to visit. As such, we’ll be heading that way with our ‘Fairy Tale’ theme this week!

These stories were passed along by word of mouth in times gone by, so we’ll be honouring that tradition by performing our own on Wednesday. This is followed by a session creating castles, not to mention a turret in (wait for it) a mug! How does that work? Pop by on Thursday to find out.

Finally, it’d be a shame to be knee-deep in imagination and not create stories of our own. That’s what we’ll be getting up to this Monday!

The Grove

Do you fancy some cabbage soup? Not to worry, we don’t either! Our much tastier snack is inspired by the meal Charlie Bucket and his family had to slog through every day in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. No prizes for guessing what our theme is this week, then…!

We couldn’t take a trip into Willy Wonka’s bonkers world without a session making our own chocolate bars, of course. That’s what we’ll be getting up to on Monday. Wednesday has us going on a treasure hunt for the elusive Golden Ticket, meanwhile. Who can find it first?

The week closes with something rather classic, too. However, you’ll just have to wait and see what it is!

After that it’s onward to a well-deserved half-term. Have a fantastic week off, everyone.