Christ Church

Is it good to be famous? That’s the question for this week thanks to our latest theme – entertainers. Although you might think of pop stars or Hollywood headliners upon hearing that, it’s fantastically broad and can apply to all sorts of people you might not expect. We’ll be exploring those roles (from big to small) over the next few days. It’s also a great excuse to help the children find talent in unexpected places.

After breaking the ice with a classic game of charades, we move on to stand-up comedy and slapstick acts. This is followed by a session of karaoke where everyone can let their hair down, not to mention the biggest event of the lot – FUNday’s Got Talent. The name says it all!


There’s more to being a star than music or movies; some of the world’s most famous people are known for something that won’t necessarily have your name up in lights, for example. Whether it’s in science, invention, writing or acting, everyone has a talent worth sharing. We’ll be exploring those this week whilst giving the children a chance to show off their own skills.

After inventing some flashy gadgets we’ll get busy with a round-robin of sports (ranging from table tennis to curling). We’ll then dive into experiments on gravity and circuits for good measure.

The Enrichment you really want to watch out for comes this Wednesday, though – FUNday’s Got Talent. This is the children’s chance to shine in an area they feel passionate about.

The Grove

What powers your TV, keeps planes in the air and makes medicine able to battle anything from colds to disease? Science! We’d be lost without it and the very clever folks who are responsible. These discoveries changed our world forever, so this week we’re taking a look at famous scientists.

Things begin with an old favourite – the egg gravity challenge. We then move onto making telescopes with which to look far and wide before crafting planes from paper mache. Cup and string telephones cap off the theme, which is just as well. We’ll probably have a lot to talk about…!