Christ Church

Considering that this is the final week of After School Club before Christmas, it’d seem wrong not to send out the term in a blaze of festive glory. Each day is packed to the brim with activities that should put even the most bah-humbug Scrooge in a merry mood.

We’re making our own Christmas crackers on Monday, for instance; after that, Tara clues us in on how to create 2D snowmen the children will use for a game we’re running all week (I can’t tell you what that is, though – it’s a secret). In the meantime, Wednesday puts a twist on party classic Wink Murder before the children wow us with a talent showcase. Things then come to a close with the always-popular Christmas cinema this Friday.

Oh, and before I forget – our snack for the next few days is a marshmallow elf!


We’re finally here – it’s almost Christmas! Bearing that in mind, we’re having a bit of a party all week with some very festive activities.

Up first is a classic whose origins stretch back through the mists of time (or a few years, at least). We’re creating saltdough decorations! Meanwhile, Tuesday’s all about the Nativity. The children will act out their own version with a script they’ve put together themselves… in a 30-minute time limit. Can they rise to the challenge? The week will then come to a close with party games, a special Christmas cinema and gingerbread biscuits.

The Grove

How many sleeps are left until Christmas? Because term is almost over and the holiday is about to begin, we’re seeing off 2016 with a collection of very festive activities.

Things begin with the children creating 3D Christmas cards for their friends and loved ones, adding a personal touch to a much-loved tradition. Following this, Naomi shows us the secret behind making Christmas crackers that really crack (though you’ll just have to wait and see if the customary awful jokes are included). And that’s not the best of it; our week ends with a whole sleigh-load of party games. It’s shaping up to be a brilliant few days and we’re looking forward to sharing them with you.