Christ Church

It’s finally December, and that can mean only one thing; we don’t have to feel guilty about being Christmassy anymore! This week is all about the ‘most wonderful time of the year’, so we’ll be banding together to enjoy some festive cheer.

Appropriately, our enrichments will be a round-robin of Christmas crafting. That includes creating paper trees, stars, Father Christmas with a twist (inspired by Russian dolls) and paper chain decorations. How long can we make it?

As for snack, the children will be enjoying Christmas cucumbers. Wait, what on earth’s that? It involves peppers, carrots, cocktail sticks, a slice of bread and more… Why not pop inside and find out?


It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas… (sorry, we couldn’t resist). Because things are getting just a little festive, we’re settling down with a whole bunch of activities that’ll have everyone feeling merry in no time.

The week begins with handmade paper chains and snowflakes that can decorate home or your tree. We’ll also be putting together our own wrapping paper and gifts, but you’ll have to wait to find out what’s inside!

Gingerbread stained glass decorations put the finishing touch on the next few days. They should be pretty spectacular, so keep your eyes peeled when we have them for snack next week.

The Grove

Each season brings about a load of amazing changes, traditions and festivals, so we decided to explore them this week. One of the most eye-catching activities coming your way is a seasonal tree canvas. To translate, this is a very arty project using nothing but finger painting and your hands. It also results in the most beautiful blend of colours!

Additionally, we’ll be making the most of our seasonal theme with some summer sport, cotton wool snowmen and scarecrows. That’s not to mention a Winter Wonderland party! There’s an awful lot to look forward to, suffice to say. We hope the children enjoy themselves.