Christ Church

We continue our journey into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this week; who knows where we’ll end up? Inspired by the weird but wonderful Willy Wonka, the next few days are stuffed with memorable activities.

Monday starts us off with a bang via potion-making, for example. Mimicking the Wonka drink that makes you float, we’re combining fizzy water, food colouring and effervescent tablets for our own magical mixture. This is followed by a stint catching Oompa Loompas or making our own chocolate factories.

We’ll also continue reading through the book at the beginning of each afternoon. We’re getting to the really good bits!


Our trip to Charlie’s chocolate factory continues, but this time we’re taking things up a notch!
During the story we witness Wonka-Vision, an amazing contraption that can shrink anything (or anyone) before transporting them into the television. Inspired by this, we’re making TV glasses to conduct experiments of our own…

Similarly, we’ll be making healthy chocolate (how on earth does that work?!) alongside a session whipping up fizzy potions like the ones you see in the book.

This is all on top of our cabbage soup, of course, inspired by the meal Charlie Bucket and his family had to eat every day (but don’t worry, it isn’t really cabbage – it’s much tastier)!

The Grove

Are you ready? We’re off to the misty mountains, forests and caves of your imagination via our ‘fairy tales’ theme. All you need for this journey is a good old daydream.

These stories were passed along by word of mouth or a performance in times gone by, so we’ll be honouring that tradition by dreaming up our own adventures on Monday.

We’d be wasting the theme if we didn’t enjoy a bit of ‘knights and dragons’, too! If you’ve never heard of it, ask one of the children to show you how it’s played. It’s good fun.

The week also includes some hot-seating where we’ll put ourselves in the shoes of some very well-known characters indeed. What makes Snow White tick, for instance?