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Remember, remember, the 5th of November… It’s that time again so we’re getting into the spirit of Bonfire Night with activities themed around things which go ‘bang’. From Stuart-era conspirator Guy Fawkes to eye-catching art, we’re celebrating the week with activities that are nothing if not colourful.

It all comes back to the nefarious Gunpowder Plot of 1605, of course; Wednesday sees us exploring this attempt to blow up parliament by making our own Guy from lost property and balloons. We’re also putting together firework masterpieces with wax and chalk throughout the week, followed by a game of skittles with a twist… There’s also fiery popping popcorn to be had on Friday, and we’ll be discussing how to keep yourself safe around fireworks too.


1605 must have been a mad time to be alive; there was a new king on the block, everyone was arguing about what religion you should be and a small group tried to blow parliament to smithereens in what’s become known as the Gunpowder Plot. With Bonfire Night fast approaching, we’re taking a look at fireworks for this week’s theme.

With firework pictures bursting into colour on Thursday and team games spicing up Tuesday afternoon, the next few days will cultivate plenty of different skills. The children will be getting involved with a Guy Fawkes interview this Wednesday, for instance. Want to know what that means? You’ll have to come along! In the meantime, everyone can enjoy stewed apple and yoghurt for snack this week.

The Grove

Autumn has so much going on that it more than makes up for the colder weather; the trees are festooned with beautiful shades of orange, red and yellow while events like Bonfire Night give us something to look forward to. That’s what made us think it’d be a good theme for this week!

Because of this, Tuesday and Wednesday are all about autumnal leaf art where we’ll be making patterns in salt dough and a hedgehog out of collected leaves. As for snack, soup with croutons and herbs will welcome us in from the cold.

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