Christ Church

What’s advent all about? With December and Christmas fast approaching (there’s only a month left…!), that seems like a good question to ask this week.

To get everyone in the spirit of things, we’re creating our own giant advent tree; each day’s children create their own calendar. To top it all off and get everyone feeling suitably festive, we’re keeping cosy thanks to a warm winter sauce with pasta and olives.


What do earthquakes, storms, plants and winds have in common? They’re all forces of nature. With the weather taking a turn for the wet and blustery, this seems like a good time to look at the world around us.

Monday sees us putting together weather scenes with a whole load of paper and other bits and bobs; as for Tuesday, we’re getting down to weather-themed team games. We’re then challenging the children to create a building that’ll withstand earthquakes. What materials will work the best? Which ones are the strongest? This is followed by a session exploring one of the most subtle – but powerful – forces of nature: planting bulbs for the next season.

The Grove

We’re often so busy looking at the world around us that we forget to spare a thought for something equally impressive but much closer to home: the human body. This week we’ll be exploring what makes us so remarkable as a species.

Things kick off by inventing our very own human. What will they look like? What colour eyes and hair will they be showing off? Will they be silly or serious? The children are going to be putting those arty skills to good use later with a life-size human drawing, a treasure hunt and – best of all – a session learning about the digestive system by making poo!