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Smarts, wit and a wily charm are all essential to being a world-class spy. Luckily enough, we’ve got the expertise (ahem) to show the children how it’s done.

Thanks to our ‘Spies’ theme, this week’s activities will dabble in skulduggery and intrigue. Monday sees us code making or breaking, for instance; we’ll leave secret messages for the children to crack, followed by our trainee-sleuths creating their own head-scratchers.

They’ll be learning how to move like a spy, too. Tuesday sees Lewis running a Mission Impossible Movement session in which years Foundation to 2 will come up with a dance to show off their razor-sharp reflexes (or they’ll have a great time dashing around to the theme tune – one or the other!).

Spies can make use of anything at their disposal, of course – that’s a skill we’ll call on as well. The children are going to air-drop spies behind enemy lines, so they’ll need to design and craft sturdy parachutes out of a plastic bag to make sure their mini agents don’t go ‘splat’.

Finally, a spy bootcamp takes place on Thursday. How do you become a world-class infiltrator? They’ll find out here.


What are four things you can’t do without? Although I was tempted to go with ‘cash’, ‘pizza’, ‘TV’ and ‘my iPad’, there’s actually something even more important that we use every day. It can be summed up in a word: senses. That’s our theme for this week.

We’re getting an obstacle course on Wednesday, but there’s a twist; you’ve got to do it blindfolded. With challenges that are just a little bit Mission Impossible, team-work is of the essence.

It’s a similar story for ‘noise bingo’. An activity that can only be won by tuning in to a range of different sounds, this will put our ears and listening skills to the test.

We’ll also be testing our snouts with the aptly named smelly boxes on Thursday. Full of who-knows-what, the children’s job is to work out what secrets lurk inside.

The Grove

Who dunnit? That’s the question we’re asking this week for our ‘Cops and Robbers’ theme, and as such the children will be becoming detectives (just without the trilby hats, trench coats or badges…)!

Well, it’s either that or baddies; first we’ll draw ourselves as the most despicable villains in the land, followed by our Sherlocks-in-training going on a manhunt that’ll call on all their investigative skills. To get into the part, we’ll also be making craft robber masks or police handcuffs.

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