Christ Church

If you could visit anywhere in the world (anywhere at all, go mad), where would you choose? Our theme for this week is ‘travel’, so we’ll be hopping over to famous countries through art, show and tell, and drama.

Besides planning our dream holiday with pastels and collage, we’ll also be creating a memory scrapbook throughout the week. Any cool pictures or info on places we’ve been can go inside for everyone to coo over.

Finally, the children will act out a family getting ready for their break this Wednesday… with amusing and unexpected results!

Image by Freepik.


When it’s wet and drab outside like today, there’s one thing that can cheer up practically anyone: pets! No matter whether they’re furry, scaly, slimy, or otherwise, our faithful animal friends never fail to keep us smiling.

But what makes a ‘pet’? Why can’t we have a tiger or jaguar in our living room? We’ll spend some of this week finding out.

Naturally, it’s also the perfect excuse to create Top Trump cards on your favourite animal as well; that’ll be Monday’s Enrichment. This is followed by a session creating a fish-tank scene and drama games.


Image by Freepik.

The Grove

Hang on a moment; what IS a force of nature? We’ve all heard the phrase, but what does it actually mean? The children will be finding out this week.

Everything from earthquakes to outer space should keep us busy over the next few days; we’re putting together a moon landscape on Monday, followed by a unique kind of test the following afternoon. Can the children’s buildings survive a terrible quake? The rest of the week is equally stuffed; it’s complete with weather collages and an experiment to see which of our boats survive the waves!

Have an amazing time.

Image by Freepik.