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CARD (No fees)

  • Card payments are considered paid and bookings guaranteed at the point of transaction and will be confirmed onscreen within our online booking system.


  • Online childcare vouchers are considered paid once the voucher provider sends an email confirming payment. If funds fail to transfer into the FUNdays Club Ltd. bank account two weeks after an email confirmation, a booking parent will be asked to pay using BACS, cash, or cheque.
  • FUNdays Club reserves the right to ask a parent to provide a cheque for booking whilst voucher funds are awaiting transference.
  • Childcare voucher payments can take up to ten working days before appearing on the parent/carer online account portal.
  • Paper childcare vouchers are considered paid upon the receipt of valid paper vouchers by a FUNdays Club member of staff and a receipt has been provided. If funds fail to transfer into the FUNdays Club Ltd. bank account three weeks after they have been given to the voucher provider for processing, a booking parent will be asked to pay using BACS, cash, or cheque.

CASH (Deferred Payment)

  • We stopped taking cash from September 2019

CHEQUE (Deferred Payment)

  • We stopped taking cheque from September 2019

BACS (Deferred Payment)

  • We stopped taking BACS payments from September 2019


  • We stopped allowing deferred payments from September 2019

Other Term Time Details

  • All payments must be received in advance before any one-off bookings can be guaranteed.

  • Please remember that verbal indication of spaces does not constitute a guaranteed space. A booking is only guaranteed once payment has been received and an automatic booking emails has been sent.

  • Please contact the team mobile onsite if booking less than 24 hours. One-off bookings can be made online up until 24 hours before a booking.

  • Late pick-up, 10 minutes after a booked finish time, will be from the Main Room for all bookings. The second (and any subsequent) late pick-ups will incur a £8 charge for each standard session. If this is the last session of the day, the charge will be £10 per 10 minutes per child.


  • If a child has to leave FUNdays Club partway through a booked session (e.g. due to unsatisfactory
    behaviour, sickness, injury, or a family emergency), a refund will not be made available.
  • The child’s school should never be contacted to report absences or cancellations with FUNdays Club. Schools
    do not pass on absence notification to local childcare providers.


Clothing at Holiday Club

  • Why is clothing so important? Simple. We want to get as many children active during the holidays as we can. This includes providing High Quality Informal Physical Activity during our Active Play sessions to encourage activity in all the children. It’s why the company began. It’s why FUNdays Holiday Club exists. Some activities also carry regulations with our insurers – it’s a legal thing. Therefore, we ask that children are dressed appropriately for physical activity to avoid disappointment.

    Make sure they bring the following items:

    1. PE trainers
    2. PE T-shirts
    3. PE shorts or PE joggers (no denim or slip shoes or sandals please).

    Please be aware that without the correct clothing, children will be unable to take part in the full range of activities we offer.