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Project Description

Play, laugh, and uncover all-new talents


Holiday Club is packed with activities that’ll make children think as well as laugh; this includes a unique blend of sports, art, drama, and outdoor play. These sessions are all about teaching life skills and upping confidence, too. We broaden horizons by introducing the children to something different each day.

Holiday Club is available at The Grove Primary School (Trowbridge) & Christ Church Primary School (Bradford on Avon).


With a huge variety of activities to get involved in, our adult-led Enrichment sessions give your child an opportunity to uncover all-new talents or develop existing ones. They’ll have a blast playing sports, taking on fiendish challenges, and using their imaginations to create something they can then bring home.

Active Play

Everyone needs a chance to let off steam, so these child-led sessions allow them to explore their imaginations however they want. They might challenge friends on the pool table, dig through boxes of LEGO, get cosy with a book, or make the most of the sun. This is a place where children are free to be themselves.

FUN Food Snack

Welcoming children with a chance to relax after their morning, this activity lets them recharge thanks to tasty and nourishing snacks (starting daily at 3.30pm). Based around that week’s theme, a range of healthy ingredients are used to whip up everything from fruit dinosaurs to a pirate ship made of bread!

Late Club

For those who stay on later in the afternoon, things kick into gear with a bonus Enrichment session until 5.20pm. 

Following this is an encore of Active Play (available until 6.10pm) and a healthy, chilled-out Late Snack that lets your child wind down before heading home.

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