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Project Description

Play, laugh, and uncover all-new talents

Holiday Club is crammed with thrilling activities that’ll make children think as well as laugh. This includes a unique blend of sports, art, drama, and outdoor play. These sessions are also about teaching life skills and upping confidence: we broaden horizons by introducing the children to something different each day.

Available At:

  • The Grove Primary School (Trowbridge)
  • Christ Church Primary School (Bradford on Avon)


With a huge variety of activities to get involved in, our adult-led Enrichment sessions give your child an opportunity to uncover all-new talents or develop existing ones. They’ll have a blast playing sports, taking on fiendish challenges, and using their imaginations to create something they can then bring home.

Active Play

Everyone needs a chance to let off steam, so these child-led sessions allow them to explore their imaginations however they want. They might challenge friends on the pool table, dig through boxes of LEGO, get cosy with a book, or make the most of the sun. This is a place where children are free to be themselves.

FUN Food Snack

Welcoming children with a chance to relax after their morning, this activity lets them recharge thanks to tasty and nourishing snacks (starting daily at 3.30pm). Based around that week’s theme, a range of healthy ingredients are used to whip up everything from fruit dinosaurs to a pirate ship made of bread!

Late Club

For those who stay on later in the afternoon, things kick into gear with a bonus Enrichment session until 5.20pm. 

Following this is an encore of Active Play (available until 6.10pm) and a healthy, chilled-out Late Snack that lets your child wind down before heading home.

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