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Project Description

Supercharge your child’s learning


Overseen by qualified teachers, these sessions give your child a helping hand where they need it most. Supporting them in any subject and with their homework, our Educational Services boost learning through proven methods. Highly personalised tutoring and dyslexic-friendly activities are also available!

Educational Services are available at Christ Church, Fitzmaurice, and The Grove primary schools.

Core Skills

Strengthen your child’s understanding of times tables, reading, and spelling with expert one-on-one assistance!

We work hard to help children realise their potential; activities are tailored to their level so they can be supported to the fullest extent.


Tailored to the needs of your child, these sessions give us a chance to further their learning through one-on-one time with a fully-qualified teacher. There’s no limit on subject or ability; we’ll help with everything from maths to social, emotional, and physical development.


The best booster approach is ‘little and often’, so our sessions allow you to spread the cost while increasing the impact of your child’s learning.

All packages are built on evidence-based programmes which are proven to have an impact.

Boost Your Child’s Learning!

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