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Project Description

A good start makes all the difference, so we give the best one possible

We’re here to take the stress out of your school-run; your child will be ready to tackle the day ahead thanks to all the goodies they could possibly need from a healthy – but still delicious – breakfast. What’s more, the qualified cooks and sports coaches we have on-staff mean that we can go above and beyond standard childcare requirements.

Early Morning Club is available at Christ Church, Fitzmaurice, and The Grove primary schools.

Breakfast (7.30am – 8.10am)

Our healthy breakfasts (prepared by staff with catering and food-hygiene qualifications) will add that extra sparkle to your child’s morning.

There’s no reason to sacrifice taste for a good diet, though. Alongside staples like low salt/sugar cereals and toast, we also provide delicious home-baking for a more personal touch.

Session 1 (7.30am – 8am)

Combining a friendly welcome, self-led play and chat, this is the perfect blend for early-birds in need of waking up!

Alongside games and books, everyone has access to the weekly Beano and First News. If they’d like to relax, children are more than welcome to dig through our collection of toys, drawing materials and a fully-stocked library.

Session 2 (8am – 8.40am)

There are two options in this session:

Sports and Team Games: Children will be ready to tackle school head-on after this session shakes off the cobwebs (available most days).

Quiet Room Chill-Out: Your child can play with toys, read, draw or chat in this room; the choice is theirs.

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