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Project Description

We kick-start an afternoon fit for everyone

Providing a friendly atmosphere for your child the moment they finish school, this club offers a home-from-home where they can unwind and stretch their creative muscles. Sessions include unique activities ranging from art to sports, fun snacks that encourage them to try something new, and a huge variety of toys to play with! Help with homework, maths, and more is also available.

Available At:

  • The Grove Primary School (Trowbridge)
  • Fitzmaurice Primary School (Bradford on Avon)
  • Christ Church Primary School (Bradford on Avon)


These adult-led sessions give your child the opportunity to discover all-new talents or develop existing ones. Teaching valuable life skills and boosting confidence, they broaden horizons by introducing children to something different every day.

Educational Services

Overseen by qualified teachers, these sessions give your child a helping hand where they need it most. One-on-one assistance enhances learning in everything from homework to spellings. We provide specialist tutoring and dyslexic-friendly activities, too!

FUN Food Snack

All ages get the boost they need from nourishing snacks that are prepared by hand and delivered with a smile. Based around that week’s theme, a range of healthy ingredients are used to whip up tasty creations.

Active Play

These child-led sessions celebrate imagination; it’s a place where children are free to be themselves. They can enjoy an extensive range of toys, run off steam in our outdoor facilities, or get cosy with books and drawing materials.

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