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  • The After-School and Early Morning Clubs were established in 2012, joining the Holiday Club at Christ Church Primary School
  • We continued expanding by becoming FUNdays Club Ltd. in 2014
  • The FUNdays team opened their second site at Fitzmaurice School in 2014 and a third at The Grove Primary School in 2016
  • Due to popular demand, our team has increased to well over a twenty people across London and Wiltshire through our partner organisations.

Who Are We?

Established by primary school teachers Mark West and Kate Brown, their time with pupils of every age raised awareness of what you’d call ‘digital natives’ (children born into a world of electronic communication and on-screen entertainment). Concerned by the number of hours many children spend in front of a screen each day, not to mention fuelled by a passion for their health and well-being, the FUNdays Holiday Club was formed.

When Mark and Kate took on Senior Management roles as Assistant Head Teachers at Christ Church Primary School, the difference between education and the childcare sector became apparent. In response, they decided to set it up as a pioneer service to further explore the professionalisation of the latter.

Back in 2012, the Holiday Club became much bigger as a result – a childcare provider for after-school sessions too. Recognising that all the environments children are exposed to are crucial parts of their overall well-being and development, FUNdays Club aspires to redefine the concept of childcare.

Thanks to the success of their partnership, this led to the creation of FUNdays Club Ltd. and the opening of a second site in 2014 and a third in 2016.

And more recently, Mark West has been involved in setting up It All Matters Ltd. (www.itallmatters.org)  to help share expertise between the education and childcare sectors across Wiltshire and London.