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In a world where we’ve got every kind of gadget we need (and many that we don’t…!), it’s hard to imagine what could possibly come next. We’ll undoubtedly be proven wrong soon, though, and the children at After School Club may be the clever inventors who bring it about. Welcome to tech week!

Besides dreaming up clever gizmos and working out what they’re for, we’ll also explore how technology’s changed through the years. When did we start using it? Does it have to run on electricity? Join us to find out.

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What would the world be like without technology? We won’t have to find out anytime soon, luckily; this week’s about every gadget, gizmo, and invention you can think of.

As well as making the whizzy tech we might enjoy in fifty years or so, we’re also going backwards to explore one of the most brilliantly simple gadgets out there… cups and string! How on earth do they work? Finally, we’ll put everything we’ve learned to the test on Thursday by filming a fun YouTube video. Come join in!

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The Grove

Everyone else is focusing on technology this week, but we’re taking a look at something that’s changed it forever – emojis. On top of designing our own (which we’ll then make for real from saltdough!), we’ll be using them as inspiration for drama games to literally play with emotions.

Friday’s a lot of fun as well; we’ll be giving the emojis their own voice with some quirky voiceovers. What would the poo emoji sound like…? The children will learn about Makaton, too. How does it work, and what connects it to emojis?

Image by Freepik.