Christ Church

It’s a well-known fact that pets make everything better. Indeed, at least 95% of frowns are turned upside down when fluffy animals become involved.

Alright, so we might have made that up. It’s still a good excuse for a Pets topic, though! Starting off with playdough pets that the children will create themselves, we’ll then put them through their paces with ‘puppy training’ and themed drama games. Can they guess which creature their opponent’s pretending to be?

Image from Freepik.


Hang on a moment; why do noses run but feet smell? We’ll be getting to the ‘bottom’ of conundrums like this during our Human Bodies theme (OK, we’ll cut it out now).

Not only can the children create spooky skeletons from natural materials they’ve foraged, they’ll also put their brains to the test by making a fake lung. In addition, which is their dominant side? How many are ambidextrous? We’ll be running a bunch of quirky experiments to find out.

Image from Freepik.

The Grove

Здравствуйте! That’s Russian for ‘hello’ (it sounds something like ‘privyet’ if you want to have a go), and it’s probably just one thing the children will impress you with this week!

Thanks to our Russia theme, we’re setting them the challenge of crafting Faberge eggs that they’ll festoon with sequins, paint, gel, and who knows what else. They’ll also make traditional fur hats, just in time for the colder weather.

Image from Freepik.