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Welcome To FUNdays!

FUNdays Club is much more than a childcare provider for out-of-school hours. We give parents a high quality, low cost service led by qualified teaching professionals. Better still, our staff encourage children to try new things with a wide range of stimulating and creative experiences.

Everyone is more than welcome here; by establishing a safe, caring community, we hope to help children realise their own potential. If you want to know more, head over to our contact page or get in touch:

So What is it We Do, Exactly?

Each day of our Holiday Club is packed with sessions that’ll make children think as well as laugh, including unique sports and themed activities!

All children are welcome to join us for an afternoon of play, challenges and delicious snacks!

Kick-start your child’s day with all the goodies they could possibly need from a healthy (but still delicious) breakfast! Thanks to a qualified cook and sports coach on our team, we aim to go far above and beyond for the best service possible.

Watch your child’s academic skill go from strength to strength as we give them a helping hand where it’s needed most.

Our History

Established by primary school teachers Mark West and Kate Brown, their time with pupils of every age raised awareness of what you’d call ‘digital natives’ (children born into a world of electronic communication and on-screen entertainment). Concerned by the number of hours many children spend in front of a screen each day – not to mention fuelled by a passion for their health and well-being – they decided to form FUNdays Club.